Chris Simpson Photography

Chris Simpson BA (Hons) - Photographer


Who am I?


Ever since I was given my first "real" camera back in the 1970s I have had a fascination for photography. Back then I would spend hours not only taking pictures but also developing and printing them myself. I then spent nearly thirty years in the legal profession and, although I continued my interest in photography, I never had the opportunity to concentrate on it as much as I would have liked to. Then in 2009 a series of events gave me the opportunity to focus on the things I really enjoyed doing rather than those which I felt obliged to do!


I am now engaged full time in running my own photography business specializing in all areas of portrait, landscape, commercial, event and wedding photography. My studio is fully mobile and this means that I can visit you at your own home and tailor a photo session to your requirements. Alternatively I can arrange for a session to take place at an outdoor location or in a professional studio.


Before each photo session or event I will meet with you to fully discuss your requirements, review the proposed location and meet all those to be included in the photos to ensure that on the day we can concentrate on achieving the images you want.


Chris Simpson